May 3, 2010

It's All About The Mashup

It seems that people are still happening upon the old blog, and I want to invite all of you itinerant web surfers to come check out the new digs. Dance With Sunflowers is a steady contributor over at Entropy Squared.

May is Mashup Month at The Chaos Factory, and you'll find all manner of whacky combinations. And the fun is not limited to the main page, but the folks at A Story In 100 Words are getting in on the fun too. If you feel like trying your hand at a 100 word story, they will be happy to post it for you. Just send it along.

Some other new blogs you might be interested in. Dr. Friston Kuppernickel is documenting his attempts to take over the world at The Mad Scientist. And the Good Doctor has taken to blogging about his favorite college basketball team, at 62-60.

And if you just ended up here thanks to Google's image search, feel free to help yourself. That's what I did.

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